WSOP adds big blind ante to no-limit holdem

The World Series of Poker announced another change to the upcoming 50th anniversary series earlier this week, as all No-Limit Hold’em tournaments will now include a WSOP big blind ante rule.

The WSOP brought in big blind antes to a limited number of tournaments last year, but has decided to up the ante in 2019 by adding it to all No-Limit Hold’em tournaments.

Why the change to WSOP big blind ante?

If you’re unfamiliar with how the big blind ante works here’s a quick rundown. In tournaments with a regular ante rule every player at the table places an ante bet before the hand is dealt. Under the big blind ante it’s played a little differently.

Instead of all players placing ante bets, only the big blinds does so. Essentially with big blind ante rules in play, the big blind places bets equivalent to two big blinds – the big blind itself and a bet equal to the amount of every player placing an ante bet.

In a press release announcing the change the WSOP stated: “The BB-ante is a fundamental rethinking of what the ante is. The ante in this format is no longer a specified amount that each player pays each hand. It’s now a specified amount that each player pays each round. If a player in the tournament does not have the required amount for both the Big Blind and the Ante, the Big Blind will be paid first, followed by the ante.”

The WSOP also announced changes to the size of starting chip stacks for many tournaments in the series. Many tournaments will see the starting chips stack size rise when compared to where they stood in 2018.

A few examples include $1,000 buy tournaments going from 5,000 chips to 20,000 chips, $10,000 buy-in tournaments going from 50,000 chips to 60,000 chips, and $50,000 buy-in tournaments going from 250,000 chips to 300,000 chips.

WSOP satellite and qualifiers to win trips to Vegas this summer are beginning. Check out Ignition Poker for listings of upcoming events.