Roger Teska wins WPT Season XVIII debut

The first winner of the new World Poker Tour Season is Roger Teska.

Season XVIII of the WPT kicked off last week with the WPT Garden Poker Festival at the Garden Casino in California. The $5,000 main event drew 373 entrants and the last man standing was Roger Teska.

It was Teska’s first WPT title, but not his first major poker win. Last November he won $2 million for finishing first in the Partypoker Caribbean Poker Tour. For winning the main event at the WPT Garden Poker Festival he cashed $368,475 which increased his lifetime live-poker earnings to just over $3.2 million.

It wasn’t easy sailings for Teska on his way to the win. When only two players remained, it came down to Teska and Laszlo Molnar heads-up. At the outset of heads-up play Molnar had a large chip lead with 12.275 million chips to Teska’s 2.65 million.

That changed on the very first hand of heads-up after Teska quickly doubled up. He took the hand after making a straight with Q-J to top Molnar’s A-Q.

How did Roger Teska win WPT event?

Teska slowly chipped away at Molar’s stack, including taking down a sizable pot with quad sevens.

On the final hand of the tournament Teska has taken over the chip lead and grown his stack to over $14 million. Molnar pushed all-in with Kc-Qc and Teska called with Ah-6h. The flop delivered Jc-4d-9h which gave Molnar a gut-shot straight draw. The 3c on the turn gave Molnar more outs by opening up a flush draw. Molnar missed all his out on the river when the 2s dropped, eliminating him from the tournament.

For the second place finish Molnar received $235,615.