Resorts World poker room opens in Las Vegas

As live poker starts to find it footing again in Las Vegas after the COVID-19 pandemic all but shut it down for more than a year, it received a nice boost last week with the opening of Resorts World Las Vegas.

Along with the opening of Resorts World’s hotel and huge gaming floor came the opening of their modern poker. Poker rooms all over Las Vegas has been shuttering and reducing in size for years. At Resorts World they’ve gone the opposite route with a state-of-the art poker room that was ready and open the same day Resorts World cut the ribbon and opened their doors.

How is Resorts World new poker room in Las Vegas?

The poker room at Resorts World has 25 regular tables, two VIP tables reserved for high-stakes games and private events, and three private tables tucked away from the regular action. Chips and money are easy to access with a dedicated cage located in the poker room and cashless deposits and withdrawals are also available.

Getting on a waiting list for a table is easier than ever at Resorts World. There’s no waiting around for the room boss to call your name as anyone on the waiting list can be sent a text message when their seatt a the table is open.

You don’t have to worry about wasting your time and dropping in on the poker room only to find out the game or stakes your looking for aren’t available right now. All poker tables and updates in the Resorts World Poker room are connected to Poker Atlas. Players can simply log in anywhere, anytime to find out what games and stakes are currently available. Players can also receive updates on upcoming tournaments, promotions and events.

Finally, if you get the munchies while playing the tables, the Resorts World poker room have a multitude of food and drink options available. There are 18 different food and beverage outlets within walking distance of the poker room, and most have takeout or delivery options straight to your table. If all you’re looking for is a drink, there’s also all-in-one drink dispenser right in the poker room.