Poker Stars Players Championship Won By Ramon Colillas

Ramon Colillas posted his first-ever seven figure cash this week after he was the last man
standing in the record-setting $25,000 PSPC PokerStars Players Championship.

The $25,000 No-Limit Hold’em tournament set a new record for players in a $25,000 tourney,
after 1,039 players bought in. That easily eclipsed the old record of 639 players in a $25,000
tournament set at the 2007 World Poker Tour Championship.

The huge field led to a massive $26.4 million prize pool. For the win Colillas cashed $5.1
million, which was a major boost to his lifetime live-poker earnings. Entering the tournament
Colillas had won only $10,873.

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Colillas began the final table fifth in chips and it quickly became the Colillas and Julien Martini
show. Every player sent to the rail from the final table was sent there by either Colillas or

Martini was the aggressor through most of the final table, sending four of his opponents
packing. This included Talal Shakerchi in eighth place ($509,000), Farid Jattin in seventh
place ($746,000), Scott Baumstein in fourth place ($1,657,000), and Marc Rivera in third
place ($2,168,000).

Colillas knocked out Marc Perrault in sixth place ($1,012,000) and Jason Koonce ($1,304,000) in fifth place.

When heads-up play began between Colillas and Martini it was Martini who had a near 2-to-1
chip lead. Colillas chipped away at Martini’s stack early on, but it was the 12 th hand of heads-
up play that turn out to be the difference maker.

With the blinds at 250,000-500,000 and a 500,000 big blind ante Martini raised to 1.25 million
preflop. Following a call from Colillas the flop showed Ah-Qh-4h. Colillas checked and Martini
bet out one million. Colillas made the call and the turn was the Qd. Colillas checked again and
Martini bet 4.6 million.

Colillas once again called and the river was the 5d. After another check by Colillas, Martini moved all-in and Colillas called. Martini showed 9h-6h and had flopped a flush. Colillas had Qc-5s and had rivered a full house to take the hand and the chip lead.

From there Colillas cruised to victory. On the final hand Martini moved all-in with Jc-9c and
Colillas called with Ad-5s. The board ended up Ah-9d-8h-2c-5d giving Colillas two pair for the
hand and the match.

For second place Martini received $2,974,000.