Poker playing AI bot Pluribus crushes poker pros

It been said that poker is a game that takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to master. For new AI bot Pluribus, it took only eight days.

A new partnership between Facebook and Carnegie Mellon University has raised the stakes for poker playing AI bots. In a new paper published last week in the academic journal Science, they described how their new poker playing AI bot Pluribus has taken AI to a new level.

Poker playing AI bots are nothing new. In 2015 a bot dominated a series of heads-up matches against poker pros. Pluribus upped the ante by taking on more opponents at a six-player No-Limit Hold’em table.

How did AI poker bot Pluribus dominate pros?

Pluribus played under two different setups. In the first setup, it was Pluribus and four other AI bots against four-time WPT champion Darren Elias. In setup two, it was Pluribus alone against five human players.

These were some of the best human players on the planet and included Word Series of Poker champ Chris Ferguson and high roller Tony Gregg.

After 12 days and 10,000 hands of poker, Pluribus was easily the big winner. If every chip Pluribus won was worth $1, it won an average of $5 a hand, or $1000 an hour.

One of the most astounding things about Pluribus’ rise to poker dominance is how quickly it happened. It only took Pluribus eight days to learn how to become a master poker player. If an AI poker bot can learn how to master a six-player poker table that fast, it will be interesting what’s next for AI poker bots.