Poker Mission Grinders back at BetOnline Poker

Throughout the month of June, Poker Mission Grinders are back at BetOnline Poker.

You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to collect mission points at BetOnline Poker that you can use to gain entries into special tournaments. Every day in June there will be three difference poker missions available to BetOnline Poker players.

Your time to complete these missions starts at 12 a.m. eastern, and runs until 11:30 p.m. that night. Every time you complete a mission you earn a point. (Check out the BetOnline lobby for a welcome bonus and information on the Mission Grinders.)

When does Poker Mission Grinders roll?

Daily at 11:50 p.m. every BetOnline Poker player that has completed all three missions that day will earn a free entry into a $1,000 guaranteed Instant All-in Shootout. These shootouts are fast and furious as every player is all-in on every hand.

The mission you’ll be trying to complete vary greatly throughout the month. Some can be completed by simply playing enough hands, while others may take a little luck. For example, the three missions on June 8 are pretty easy. They include playing 25 hands of Pot-Limit Omaha, playing 25 hands of No-Limit Texas Holde’m 6-max, and playing in one multi-table tournament.

Some of the more difficult mission scattered across the calendar in June include getting dealt pocket tens, reaching the flop in NLH 25 times, and hitting any three of a kind.

By completing missions and collecting points throughout the month you can earn free entries in poker tournaments with varying levels of guarantees that all take place on June 30.

If you complete 6-15 mission you get into a $1,000 guaranteed tournament. Completing 16-30 mission earns you a seat in a $2,500 guaranteed tournament. Completing 31-55 mission gets you a seat in a $6,500 guaranteed tournament. While completing 56 or more mission earns you a seat in a $10,000 guaranteed tournament.

To opt-in to the Poker Mission Grinders promotion, open the Missions section on the BetOnline Poker desktop platform, or open the Contests tab in the mobile version of BetOnline Poker. You must opt-in daily to collect you mission points so don’t forget to always opt-in before hitting the tables.