Phil Hellmuth: High Stakes Poker Duel win again

High Stakes Poker Duel III resumed earlier this week with Phil Hellmuth winning this third match of the series.

Round 4 of High Stakes Poker Duel III matched up Hellmuth and Scott Seiver. The original matchup was going to be a rubber match between Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan, but Dwan pulled out late last week and was replaced by Seiver. Dwan previously won Round 2 of the series only to have Hellmuth comeback to win Round 3. Both Hellmuth and Seiver put up $400,000 for the Round 4 match, with the winner banking $800,000.

The match turned out to be a lengthy back-and-forth affair with the chip lead changing more than 20 times throughout the night.

Early on it looked like Hellmuth was going to roll to another victory after he pulled ahead with more than a 2-to-1 chip lead. Hellmuth’s early aggression allowed him to steal a large pot away from Seiver despite his 9-5 trailing Seiver’s A-5. In another early hand Hellmuth’s aggressive preflop three bet paid off when his Ace high topped Seiver’s King high.

After 200 hands were played Hellmuth had the chip lead with 600,000 chips to Seiver’s 200,000. Things changed quickly after Seiver won a few small pots before going all-in with Queens against Hellmuth’s Jacks to double up and take over the chip lead.

Hellmuth would not stay down for long and battled back to reclaim the chip lead and slowly knocked Seiver down to only 10 big blinds before a crucial double up for Seiver kept him alive in the match.

The double up was for naught though as Hellmuth could not be denied. On the final hand the flop showed 2s-10c-3s which game Seiver top pair for his 10d-6h. Top pair proved to be not good enough though as Hellmuth had 3s-2h and had flopped two pair. Seiver went all-in and Hellmuth made a quick call. The board rolled out Qs on the turn and 5s on the river to give Hellmuth the hand and the match.

Hellmuth advances to Round 5 of High Stakes Duel III, where he could potentially face Seiver again if Seiver decides to call for a rematch. Seiver will need to buy-in for $800,000 if he wants the rematch with Hellmuth in Round 5.