Pennsylvania online poker rumored to launch this month

Rumors spread across social media this week that online poker could may finally debut in Pennsylvania right away.

The hype was set off by a tweet from Michael Gagliano, a representative for Borgata Poker. Gagliano, who goes by @Gags30poker on Twitter, tweeted:

“hearing rumors that pokerstars is gonna go live in PA for beta Aug 27th and go live the 30th. Any truth to this?”

Pokerstars has remained silent on the rumors, while a couple replies to Gagliano’s original tweet said that similar rumors have been making the rounds in Pennsylvania. It also stated that beta periods have historically been five days, so it might be accurate.

Why has Pennsylvania online poker taken so long?

It’s been a long and slow wait for online gambling to arrive in Pennsylvania. After becoming legal in October, 2017 it took nearly 21 months for online gambling sites to finally go live in the state. And even then, it was behind schedule and only online casinos went live when promised.

Online poker missed the original July launch date, making poker players itching for Pennsylvania online poker continue to wait.

If the rumors are true and Pokerstars does launch next week it will be the second state they are active in, joining New Jersey. Pokerstars does not have a presence in Nevada or Delaware.

If Pokerstars is the first to launch in Pennsylvania it could allowed them to grab hold of the state’s online poker market from the start. Without any real competition in the state, Pokerstars would be the only game in town for online players until the rest of poker providers in the state catch up and go live.

Pennsylvania online poker launching next week? Wait and see.