Party Poker Prepares for NJCOP II

Party Poker New JerseyThe state of New Jersey has offered online poker for over a year now and continues to provide players with the opportunity to enjoy tournament gaming, unique series and cash gaming tables. Players visiting or living within the state can easily log on to such sites powered by Party Poker to take part in exciting game play. At Party Poker, you will find a host of gaming activity from the guaranteed poker tournaments to the continual cash gaming options.

The top online poker company created a unique tournament specifically for the state of New Jersey last year and the second running of the series is set to begin this April. Party is getting ready to begin offering the second round of the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, known as the NJCOP II, this spring. The series will run from the 16th of April to the 26th and will offer a total of 32 events, more than last year, as well as $1 million in guaranteed prize money.

To get a better feel of what players want to see with the upcoming series, Party took to popular poker forums such as TwoPlusTwo to gain feedback on how the series should go. Party questioned players on game type, tournament structure, variants and more. Players weighed in so they could see the type of game play they like up for grabs.

A unique aspect to the series schedule is the events known as Players Choice. There will be two events of this format, with the first starting off the series. Each event will have a buy-in of $100 and will have a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000. Players will be able to choose the entire format of the tournament from game type to players per table and the variation of the tournament.

For example, up for voting for the game type is: No Limit Holdem, Fixed limit holdem, pot limit holdem, pot limit Omaha, pot limit Omaha H/L and fixed limit 7 card stud. Players will vote and the winning choice will be used in the Players Choice events. For the Players Per Table category, voters have the option of Heads-up, Six-Max, Nine-handed and Ten-handed. For the Tournament Variation category, players can choose from Unlimited rebuys/add-on, single rebuy and single add-on (cubed), single rebuy (second chance), bounty, freezeout and ante-up.

The voting is already closed for the Players Choice events so anyone participating should find out soon just what will be offered during this portion of the series. The drafted schedule seems to offer two events each weekday evening with Saturdays offering four events during the early afternoon into the evening hours. Sundays will offer five tournaments during the same time frames.

The majority of the tournament events will have a format of No Limit Hold’em with other variants mixed in. The main event has been scheduled for the 26th of April and will close out the series in New Jersey. This event will have a buy-in of $200 and offer a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000.

Party has seen a nice pickup in gaming traffic so the upcoming series should do fairly well when it comes to player participation. With the prize pools guaranteed, players can enjoy the guaranteed money even if traffic is on the low end. However, so far this month, the site has seen a nice increase in traffic according to Poker Scout reports. If the trend continues, there should be enough steady traffic to fill the events of the NJCOP II and see a successful series for those visiting and living in the state of New Jersey.