Online World Series of Poker events not closed to New Jersey yet

At least some of the online events held at this year’s World Series of Poker will still be open to poker players in New Jersey.

According to representatives from the WSOP, all Online World Series of Poker events scheduled before June 14 will remain open to players in New Jersey.

Why only events that are scheduled before June 14? Right now, that’s the enforcement deadline the Department of Justice (DOJ) has placed on the new opinion of the Wire Act.

The DOJ announced a new opinion on the Wire Act earlier this year. The Wire Act makes transmission of bets and wagers across state lines illegal. The new opinion states that the Wire Act applies to all types of gambling.

Online World Series of Poker events in New Jersey?

The previous opinion stated that the Act only applied to sports betting. Along with the new act came a grace period, during which the DOJ said the new opinion would not be enforced, giving states time to get their affairs in order and make sure they comply to the new opinion. That grace period ends June 14.

Once the new Wire Act opinion begins to be enforced, shared player compacts, like the one between New Jersey and Nevada that allows players in the Garden State to play in online WSOP events, could become illegal and shutdown.

At the 2019 WSOP, there are nine online events on the schedule. Only two of them take place before June 14. They include the $400 No-Limit Hold’em tournament on June 2 and the $600 Pot-Limit Omaha tournament on June 9.

There is an ongoing court case against the DOJ attempting to get the new opinion voided and thrown out. Whether a decision on his case comes down before June 14 remains to be seen.

Depending on the decision and what it means for the Wire Act the remaining seven WSOP online tournaments could remain open the New Jersey residents. Or they could be shut out in their attempt to win an online WSOP bracelet.

Look for more announcements on these issues from the WSOP as more information on the future of the Wire Act becomes available.