Money May Poker Challenge comes to BetOnline Poker

All this month at BetOnline Poker, poker players have a chance to win signed Floyd Mayweather merchandise through the Money May Poker Challenge.

The Challenge has already begun and runs at BetOnline Poker until May 28th . During that time BetOnline Poker players who play in special daily progressive knockout (PKO) tournaments can collect points that count towards the weekly Money May Poker Challenge Leaderboard.

How does the Money May Poker Challenge work?

Each knockout you collect in a PKO earns you one point on the leaderboard. Each weekly leaderboard runs from Monday to Sunday. The weekly leader will receive a signed piece of Floyd Mayweather merchandise, which could boxing gloves, posters, boxing trucks, or hats.

Even if you don’t finish atop the leaderboard to win the Mayfield merchandise you will still receive free tournament money credits for placing in the Top 10.

You can follow the weekly leaderboard and check the standings by using the My Missions tab in the desktop client version of BetOnline Poker and through the Contests tab on the mobile client.