Kentucky online poker bill stalls until 2020

It looks like the wait for sports betting and Kentucky online poker will continue beyond 2019.

Attempts to pass a bill to legalize online gambling in the state have been shelved and are not expected to return until 2020.

That’s according to Kentucky Representative Adam Koenig, who introduced Bill 175 in the Kentucky legislature earlier this year. The bill that would have legalized online poker in the state has been put on the back burner after Koenig determined it would not receive enough support in the Kentucky legislature.

Why delay the Kentucky online poker bill?

For the bill to pass in 2019, it would require a super majority, which is at least 60 per cent voting to support the bill. In 2020, the vote requirements would be different.

In Kentucky, in odd-numbered years, a bill requires a super majority, while in even-numbered years it requires only a simple majority, fifty per cent plus one vote. For the bill to pass in 2019 it would need at least 60 votes in the legislature, while it would only require 51 votes in 2020.

In Kentucky, 2020 is also a budget year. The expected added revenue that legalizing online gambling could bring in could look very appealing to Kentucky legislators. They will try to tackle the state’s budget problems and look for new revenue sources.

Kentucky will also have to worry about keeping up with their neighbors, as states like West Virginia, Indiana and Ohio all look at making changes to their gambling laws to increase choice and revenue.

If Bill 175 would have passed in its current state, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission would have had regulatory authority over sports betting and daily fantasy sports. The Kentucky Lottery would oversee online poker

Under the bill, online poker operators would have to pay a $250,000 license fee and all online poker revenue would be taxed at 6.75 per cent. It will be interesting to see if these numbers remain the same when the bill reappears in 2020.