John Gorusch Millionaire Maker Makes Comeback at WSOP

John Gorsuch has delivered an incredible comeback to win the Millionaire Maker at this year’s World Series of Poker.

The $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em tournament had an 8,809-player field this year, and Gorsuch topped them all to cash $1,344,930. How he got there was the incredible part.

 At one point at the final table of the Millionaire Maker, Gorsuch was down to less than two big blinds. He was left flailing after his pocket Jacks were beaten by A-K when an Ace hit on the flop.

How did John Gorsuch come back to win WSOP Millionaire Maker?

With a small stack in front of him Gorsuch went on a tear, almost immediately doubling up when he turned 4-5 into two pair with an amazing flop that included both a four and a five. Not long after he tripled up when he flopped trip nines.

Even after that run it wasn’t smooth sailing for Gorsuch as he entered the final day of the tournament fourth in chip out of the remaining six players.

Out of the final six it looked like Kazuchi Ikeuchi was going to breeze to victory. Ikeuchi sent three of the final six players to the rail and when he ended up heads-up with Gorsuch he had a sizable chip lead with 133.7 million chips to Gorsuch’s 86.8 million.

On the second hand of heads-up the chips moved to Gorsuch. He ended up with all his chips in the middle holding pocket Kings and Ikeuchi called with K-3 suited diamonds with the flop showing 2d-5d-K.

Gorsuch had the best hand with trip Kings, but Ikeuchi was still alive with a flush draw. He missed out when the turn card was the 8s and the river the Jc.

Gorsuch now had the chip lead and he never lost it.

On the final hand after the flop showed Ks-9d-Qh Ikeuchi went all-in with pocket Aces and Gorsuch called with Qc-7h. After the 7c hit on the turn answering Gorsuch’s prayers, it was all over. The river was a meaningless 3s and the two pair held up.

For second place, Ikeuchi received $830,783.

John Gorsuch WSOP Millionaire Maker