Isaac Haxton wins Super High Roller Bowl

Tack another big cash onto Isaac Haxton’s impressive poker resume. The high stakes poker pro posted another seven-figure cash this week after winning the Super High Roller Bowl.

The pricy $300,000 tournament ended up with a 36-player field, including many of poker’s most well-known high stakes players such as Daniel Negreanu, Adrian Mateos, Stephen Chidwick and Phil Hellmuth.

For the win Haxton cashed $3,672,000. It was Haxton’s third tournament win of the year and in 2018 overall he’s earned just over $8.1 million. That has increased his lifetime live-poker earnings to just over $23.6 million.

Entering the final day with seven players remaining Haxton was the co-chip leader along with Chidwick. Haxton took over the lead quickly by sending Ali Imsirovic to the rail in seventh place. Imsirovic ended up all-in with pocket Jacks against Haxton’s Ac-5c but was sent packing when Haxton completed a flush on the turn. For seventh place he received $540,000.

The next two players eliminated in sixth and fifth place respectively were Igor Kurganov and Mateos. Kurganov had his pocket sevens topped by Talal Shakerchi’s pocket tens, while Mateos’ pocket nines didn’t hold up against Alex Foren’s A-K when another King hit on the flop. Kurganov received $765,000 for sixth place and Mateos cashed $972,000 for fifth place.

Haxton was responsible for the next two eliminations, sending Shakerchi home in fourth place and bouncing Chidwick in third place. Shakerchi had A-10 but got no help against Haxton’s pocket nines to cash $$1,188,000. Chidwick was knocked out with A-Q after he received no help against Haxton’s pocket Jacks. Chidwick cashed $1,512,000 for third place.

Haxton vs Foxen heads-up for title

It came down to Haxton versus Foxen heads-up for the tournament title. When heads-up play began Foxen had the chip lead with 5.84 million chips to Haxton’s 4.965 million. That changed after Haxton won a big pot when his pocket eights held up against Foxen’s A-J. Not long after Haxton had grown his stack to a 6-to-1 chip lead over Foxen.

On the final hand of the tournament Foxen was all-in with Ad-8d against Haxton’s Ks-Jh. The flop was a good one for Foxen after it delivered Ac-Qc-6c. The Kh on the turn gave Haxton some outs and he hit one of them when the Js dropped on the river. For second place Foxen received $2,160,000.