Danny Tang wins $50,000 Final Fifty Holdem Event at WSOP

You can add another million dollar winner to the list at this year’s World Series of Poker as Danny Tang wins big.

Tang took home his first WSOP bracelet this week and also picked up a seven-figure cash in the process. Tang’s first WSOP win came in the $50,000 Final Fifty No-Limit Hold’em tournament.

The Final Fifty drew 123 entrants, and for outlasting them all Tang pocketed $1,608,406. That increased his lifetime live-poker earnings up to just over $6 million.

How Danny Tang wins High Roller event

To win the million bucks and his first WSOP bracelet Tang had to get through a formidable final table that already had a combined seven WSOP bracelets. The table also included some of the more well-known high roller tournament players in the world, including Ali Imsirovic, Adrian Mateos and Sam Severel.

It came down to Tang and Severel heads-up. At the outset of heads-up play Tang had a huge chip lead on his opponent with 31.9 million chips to Severel’s 5.1 million.

Tang’s lead shrunk slowly as Severel won a few hands, including a huge double up with Ace-Ten when he hit another Ace on the flop. Despite closing in on Tang, Severel was never able to takeover the chip lead.

On the final hand of the tournament both players were all-in pre flop. Severel showed Ac-3h and looked to be in trouble against Tang’s Ah-Jh. The flop didn’t do anything for either hand after showing 10s-10c-5d.

The turn put Severel ahead when the 3c fell to give him two pair. With the river to come Tang needed an Ace, Jack or five to win the hand. He got what he needed when the Ad landed, giving both players two pair, Aces and Tens, but Danny Tang wins out with the Jack kicker.

For second place Severel received $994,072.