Daniel Negreanu selling WSOPE action on himself

Even if you can’t make it to the World Series of Poker Europe in the Czech Republic in October, you could still earn some big money if Daniel Negreanu cashes.

Despite the trouble he ran into when selling stakes on himself in this year’s World Series of Poker, Negreanu is doing it again at this year’s WSOPE. Full details are not yet available, but on his Twitter feed Negreanu made it known earlier this week that a stake sale is coming.

Through his Twitter handle @RealKidPoker, Negreanu tweeted: “WSOP Buyins outlook: All 15 events with no rebuys will cost you 449,600 EURO With 3 rebuys per heat on events under 100k, 2 rebuys on the 100k and 1 rebuy on the 500k, that package looks like: 1,211,700 Euro”

Why is Daniel Negreanu selling WSOPE action on himself?

Let’s sift through that muddled Tweet. With 15 bracelet events on the recently expanded WSOPE schedule, Negreanu has set the price to stake him in all 15 events at €449,600. Right now, that is approximately $496,000 US.

If you want to add rebuys it will cost you even more with a full rebuy package coming in at around €1,211,700, or $1.3 million.

Earlier this year Negreanu ran into some controversy when he sold stakes in his WSOP action after a glitch caused numerous potential investors to miss out. Those who were able to back Negreanu cleaned up after he made a killing at the WSOP.

In Las Vegas Negreanu cashed in 17 events, which included three final tables and two second place finishes. His biggest cash at this year’s WSOP was $1,725,838 in the $100,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller.

After getting married earlier this year and cutting ties with PokerStars, many didn’t think Negreanu would make the trip to the Czech Republic for this year’s WSOPE. A chance at winning the WSOP Player of the Year Award may have changed his mind.

Negreanu currently sits in third place in the award standings with 3166.24 points. He trails leader Robert Campbell, who has 3418.78 and Shaun Deeb, who sits second with 3280,13.

An ongoing feud with Deeb, the reigning player of the year may have been enough to coax Negreanu to head to the WSOPE. He’ll attempt to win his third career player of the year award when the WSOPE begins on October 13.

Daniel Negreanu selling WSOPE action on himself indeed…