Bad beats at Betonline Poker equal cash prizes

A new leaderboard at Betonline Poker will allow poker players on the site to turn their bad beats into cash prizes.

Earlier this month Betonline Poker introduced the $5,000 King of the Beats leaderboard. The promotion runs weekly Sunday to Sunday during which players who have opted-in will collect points for their bad beats.

What qualifies as bad beats at Betonline Poker?

At the end of the week the $5,000 prize pool will be distributed proportionally to all that opt-in. The more bad beats you take the bigger your portion of the prize pool. The player that finishes atop the leaderboard will also receive a free seat in the Sunday $150,000 guaranteed main event.  

To opt-in to the King of the Beats leaderboard, visit the My Mission tab in when playing Betonline Poker on a desktop computer or go to the Contests tab through the mobile platform. Once you’ve opted-in, any bad beat you suffer at a cash game table with stakes of $0.10/$0.25 qualifies.

The point system on the King of the Beats leaderboard works like this. You receive one point every time you lose a hand with a three of a kind. You receive two points in you lose with a straight and three points if you lose with a flush. A loss with a full house gets you five points, while a loss with quads earns you 50 points. If somehow you were to lose a hand with a straight flush, you’d receive 100 points.

The new King of the Beats leaderboard is the third way that players can cash in on a bad beat alongside the Bad Beat Jackpot and the new Boost Bad Beat Jackpot.

The regular Bad Beat Jackpot is available at all designated Bad Beat Jackpot tables. Look for the yellow star to find out if a table is included. At these tables if you lose with a four of a kind you and the rest of table cashes in. The prize payout from the jackpot include 20 percent to the bad beat player, 15 percent to the winner of the hand, 12.5 percent to other players at the table, 35 percent is reseed into the jackpot and 5 percent is paid as a fee. That last bad beat jackpot win paid out $40,000 to the table.

The new Boost Bad Beat Jackpot is obviously only available at Boost Poker tables. If your four of a kind is cracked at a designated Boost Poker table, the table cashes in on the jackpot. Under the Boost Poker Bad Beat Jackpot rules, 40 percent goes to the bad beat player, 20 percent goes to the winner of the hand 15 percent goes to other players at the table, 10 percent to players playing on other bad beat Boost tables, and 15 percent is reseeded.