Alaska poker room bill proposed to replace prohibition

A longstanding Alaska poker room prohibition could end if a new bill succeeds.

Alaska House of Representatives introduced a bill to legalize card rooms in the state. The bill, known as House Bill 103, was introduced by Republican Representative Colleen Sullivan-Leonard. It would do away with the prohibition of card rooms and make it legal to host both banked and non-banked card games in the state.

How does Alaska poker room bill HB 103 work?

Sullivan-Leonard said in a statement:

“HB103 will expand the gaming laws in Alaska to include operation of card rooms hosting banked and non-banked card games. Card rooms in the state of Alaska have been contemplated for years, now is the time to stop contemplating and make them a reality. Let’s bring the cards out of the back rooms and in a fun, social setting for all to enjoy.”

These new card rooms would need to pay a one-time $100,000 license fee. All gross revenue from the card rooms would be taxed at 9.5 per cent. An Alaskan Gaming Commission would be established to oversee the new card rooms and the gambling industry in the state.

The first stop for the HB 103 is the House Labour and Commerce Committee. Few politicos in Alaska expect the bill to gain much traction or get the support it would need to pass a vote due.

Alaska has historically turned away from so-called “sin industries” that have the opportunity to cause addictions.