Aaron Zang wins record-setting Triton Million Charity tournament

A new poker record was set last weekend at the Triton Million Charity Invitational No-Limit Hold’em tournament, with Aaron Zang the big winner.

The high roller tournament is now in the books as the tournament with the largest buy-in in poker history. The Triton had a buy-in of £1,050,00. That converts to approximately $1.27 million US.

The tournament ended up with a 54-player field. Aaron Zang was the last man standing to cash $16,810,979. Zang may have won the tournament, but he did not post the largest cash. That honour went to Bryn Kelley who pocketed $20,606,421 US.

Kenney took home more than Zang because they made a deal before heads up play began. At the time Kenney had a 4.5-to-1 chip lead on Zang when they agreed on the pot split.

How did Zang win Triton Million Charity event?

The $20 million cash was notable for Kenney as it bumped his lifetime live-poker earnings to $55,748,855. That moved him ahead of Justin Bonomo as the all-time leader in tournament poker winnings.

In the tournament Kenney’s large chip lead entering heads up play didn’t last long. On the 12th hand of heads up play Zang made a key double up when his pocket sixes were better than Kenney’s K-Q. On the next hand Zang took another load of Kenney’s chips when he flopped trips.

Kenney moved all-in on the final hand of the tournament after the flop dropped 8s-4s-3c and Zang called. Zang was in the lead with 8d-5d, while Kenney needed some help holding a flush draw with As-6s.

After the 9c fell on the turn and the Kd on the river Kenney missed his flush draw handing the win to Zang.