Five-O Poker – A New Way To Play Heads-Up Poker

Social poker games have taken the world by storm. One such game developed by Chiki Gaming, called Five-o poker, is the latest addition to the world of free to play social poker gaming on Facebook and mobile platforms.

Five-O Poker is unlike any other poker game you have played. This heads-up poker game pairs you up against a random opponent that is online and wanting to play a game. All new players start out with 10K in chips which should last you for a while but additional chips can be purchased. There is also a number of ways you accumulate FREE chips to play with, by referring your facebook friends to play the game, by liking the Five-o poker facebook page, and every 4 hours, you can collect 1K in chips.

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Simply select the table stakes you want to play and you’ll join a game within a matter of seconds. With the release of an iPhone and iPad version for FREE to download, this social live heads-up poker game can be played anytime even when you’re on the go.

Unlike other poker games, when you play Five-o poker, you are dealt five different poker hands. Like traditional poker hand rankings you still have to make the best five-card poker hand, but you have to make the best five hands. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, since you only have to win 3 of the 5 hands to win the heads up match, so keep that in mind when devising a strategy to beat other players in Five-poker.

At the start of a new game, you’ll begin with five hands, with each hand consisting of one card face up. During each round, you’ll go through the process of adding one card in the deck to each one of your hands, and you’ll add a card to your five poker hands until you have a five-card poker hand for each.

When building your poker hands you’ll get to see what hands are forming in your opponent’s hands. It doesn’t matter how big your hand is, just as long as you have a better hand than your opponent! On the last round, where a fifth card is added to each one of your hands, the last of the cards are face down, so you can’t be exactly sure what your opponent has. If they were trying to make a flush, did they get the card they needed to make their hand? You can’t know for sure until there is a showdown where your hands are compared to your opponent’s corresponding hands to determine a winner for the match.

With that being said, you can get a pretty good idea about the strength of an opponent’s hand, by analysing the order of order of the cards being added in the final round. If your opponent has hit one hand before others, then there is a very good chance it was added because it improved that hand, so assume that particular hand improved, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Unlike regular poker games, bluffing isn’t really possible in Five-O Poker. Since 4 of the 5 cards of each hand are exposed and there is no betting involved in the game besides the initial stake, it means the outcome of the game is largely dependant on making the best hand. To give yourself every chance of winning, it will certainly help to have some luck with regards to getting cards you need at the right time, but it also helps to have a strategy which improves the probability of making the best hand, by taking into account the cards that have already been exposed, and making hands that have a greater chance of making the best hand once there is a showdown.

It is completely different to any poker game you have played before, making for hugely thrilling and exciting action, and every time you play, you’ll want to play another game. It really is an addictive game to play, helped by the fact each player is ranked against others, since any competitive person wants to improve their rank and reach the top rankings to be able to have bragging rights as the world’s best five-o poker player.

At the end of each game, you’ll have heads-up stats and this information will become available to you every time you complete a match. In addition to this, you’re also ranked against every other player, and once you are one of the top 100 players in the world, you’ll be able to post this status to your facebook profile to let your friends know! So what are you waiting for? Try your luck at Five-O Poker.