The Basics of Online Poker Tournaments

Online poker tournaments, or tourneys for short, are a fun and exciting way to learn the game of poker and possibly even win boatloads of money from a small investment of money.

To ensure the tournament finishes in a reasonable period of time, the blinds regularly increase after every blind level, which means the player’s stacks get shallower, so they have to play more hands or risk getting blinded out of the tournament.

There are two main types of online poker tournaments for online players to choose from, Sit & Gos and scheduled multi-table tournaments. The payout structures and poker tournament format varies for both types of tournaments.

A Sit & Go tournament has no scheduled time before they start, once all the players have registered they begin. On the other hand, scheduled tournaments are ones that start at a specific time, regardless of the number of players. These tournaments tend to attract more registrants, since the prize pools are a lot more attractive, especially guaranteed tournaments, which offer a predetermined tournament prize pool that is not dependent on the number of players that have registered. Guaranteed tourneys are very popular nowadays.

To enter an online poker tournament, you must pay the registration fee. The tournament buy-in will be displayed in this format: $XX+$Y, where XX of your money goes to the tournament prize pool and Y is the rake paid to the online poker site. So, for example, a $10+$1 buy-in tourney would indicate $10 going towards the prize pool and the $1 portion of the buy-in going towards the rake for hosting the game.

Each player is given a set number of chips with which to play. If it happens to a re-buy or add-on poker tournament, you would be able to buy more chips either when you lose your initial buy-in or after a certain blind level. However, when playing regular poker tournaments with no re-buys/add-ons, then once you lose all of your chips, you are out of the tournament.

When playing in re-buy tournaments, you should always be prepared to re-buy into the tournament, in order to give yourself every chance of winning, otherwise you will have a chip disadvantage leading into the later stages of the tournament when you need them the most.

Poker Tournament Money

Poker rooms offer players two main ways to register for tournaments hosted on their site. The first method that players can use to register for a tournament to is by using what is commonly referred to as Tournament Dollars (T$). Many freerolls, special events, and satellites feature T$ instead of real cash prizes, enabling the winners that receive a prize to gain a seat into a high dollar real money online poker tournament.

Although tournament dollars are not the same as real money, they work in much the same way. When registering for a tournament, you’ll have the option to use any T$ you have available in your account, instead of funds available in your bankroll.

If you don’t have T$ tickets to register for a tournament, then of course you will need to deposit money to play. These funds can be used to enter any real money tournaments, in addition to any other games available to play within the poker lobby.

Finding And Registering For A Tournament

Registering for a poker tournament organized by online poker sites is simple. In the games lobby, you will see a Tournaments tab, which displays all the available tournaments you can take part in.

The list of tournaments in which you can play are categorized by the game type, structure (turbo, deepstacked, shorthanded, etc), buy-in level, and date for when the tournament begins. You just choose which upcoming tournament you would like to register in and return to the site when the tournament is ready to start.

In the case of Sit & Go’s, once the required number of players have paid the buy-in to enter the tournament, the tournament will start, making them an ideal format of playing poker for players who can’t dedicate a lot of time to playing them.

Ready for a tournament? Check out what tournaments are available to play each and every day at your favorite poker sites. If you’re not prepared to risk playing for real money, then are many free poker tournaments you can play.

The end goal, regardless of the tournament being played, is to win the tournament. Unless the prize pool pays out the same prize to all the winners, in which case you just need to make it in the money.

You’ll find the major tournaments, which are the major attraction for most sites, are usually hosted on the weekend, as that is when most players can dedicate several hours to play in them.