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Each state has their own stance on poker. In one state it might be OK to play poker in a casino, but not online. In another it might be OK to play poker in a casino, but not at home or online. And in other states it’s OK to play poker whenever you want, however you want.

The lack of consistency from one state to the next makes it confusing to know what’s OK and what’s not. That forces you to find and read your state laws, which are full of jargon and lawyer speak. This only makes understanding the laws in your state more confusing.

So what we’ve done to help is create individual state guides. We researched each state’s laws and wrote them up in an easy to read and understand format. Our main focus in each guide was the legality of poker in the state, what forms of poker are allowed (live, home, online, etc) and the consequence of being caught if one form was illegal. Take a look through each guide to find out the details about your particulate state.

Note: We’re not lawyers and laws change all the time. Use our guides for informational purposes only. Always consult with your local law enforcement, lawyers, law makers, etc before participating in any poker games.

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