Poker Games & Rules

When you have a game that deals with the exchanging of money, such as poker, then you can expect that there will be a few rules for you to learn. If you don’t want to look dumb or feel awkward while playing for the first time, it would be in your best interest to sit down and study up on the rules of the game(s) that you want to play.

That’s what we have covered on this page. Below you’ll find the most common poker games played online (and live) and links to pages with their rules and walkthroughs of how to play them. Below that, you’ll find a general list of rules that will apply to any poker site you play at online.

Poker Games Covered on

Here’s a list of the games that we cover on US Poker Site. Each page will provide a walk-through of an actual hand, a list of what hands beat what and an explanation of any variation that game may have.

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General Rules for Playing Poker Online

Here’s a list of general poker rules that you should be familiar with. Most online poker sites (and live casinos, when applicable) will have these rules in place.

Swearing /Slurs – Swearing is not allowed at any poker site. In fact, most poker rooms go as far as to censor any swear words that are typed into the chat box automatically. If they find that you are working around their censorship by using spaces and dashes (for example, as-shole) they will ban you from using the chat box. I speak from experience, as I’ve been banned from PokerStars chat a few times.

In addition to swearing, using slurs or any sort of negative comment or phrase towards the other players is also prohibited. Pretty much anything that would make someone else feel uncomfortable or insulted you cannot say in the chat box.

English Language – Although online poker is played internationally you’ll find that nearly every poker room has a rule stating that all chat must be in English. The exception to this is if the room (site) is specifically for players of a certain country, or if the tables within an English speaking site is specifically for players of a certain country.

Cheating / Colluding – This should go without saying, but cheating is not okay. This includes colluding, chip dumping and using tools or software to see other players cards.

Play Under Multiple Accounts – Multiple accounts is considered cheating, and from my experience it’s not okay at any poker site.

Multiple accounts means that you have more than one account that you can login to and play from. The reason why this is not okay is because you can login to more than one account at the same time and play in the same games.

If you want to open more than one account from the same address, most poker sites will require that you send in documentation for each individual.

Making Comments About Hands in the Chat Box – Another rule that you must abide by is not making comments about hands in the chat box. This is no different than playing in a live setting and making comments about a hand, whether you’re involved in the hand or not. This also includes making comments like, check it down?, when a third player is all in.

3rd Party Software – This rule is hit or miss depending on which site you play at. But in general, the third-party software rule applies to using bots, any tool that will tell you how to play hands using inside information, and in some cases even using HUDs, data mining programs or player tracking software and sites.

Playing for Other Players – This goes hand-in-hand with multiple accounts. The idea here is that you cannot play for other players. So for example, if your friend Jake wanted to take a break or found himself in a tough situation and wanted you to play for him using his screen name, that would be against the rules.

Underage Gaming – Straightforward. If you’re under the age of 18 or 21 (depends on the site you want to play at), you cannot play there.