WSOP’s First Online Bracelet Event a Success

The World Series of Poker is known for offering quality tournament options during the summer season. Each year, the WSOP rolls around and players will spend thousands to take part in the tournament options. From the Main Event to the One Drop, the WSOP offers quality events for players to enjoy. Last year, the WSOP began to offer online game play during the series. Players could use their laptops when visiting Las Vegas to enjoy online game play. This year, players could go one step further and use their mobile device to enjoy online poker gaming during WSOP tournaments.

This year also signaled the first time the World Series of Poker would include an online bracelet event. Players could take part in Event #64, the $1,000 event which would take place online. The event would take part on the Internet until the final table was configured and this would see the players come to Rio and play each other live.

With 905 players buying in to the WSOP event, the prize pool created would consist of $859,000. The top 100 players would earn a first place win with first earning close to $200,000. Players were excited to log online and be able to play online, a first for many taking part in the WSOP. Online poker is only available in a few select states of the US including Nevada.

The online event was a nice break from the norm, allowing players to relax in their guest room and play in the event. The tournament started players with 10,000 in chips and blinds would increase every 40 minutes. Play finally whittled down to the final six, who would then convene to the final table at the Rio to see who would be the first winner of an online poker gold bracelet from the WSOP.

When final table play began the chip stacks were as follows:

Craig Varnell                       2,572,767

Anthony Spinella              2,013,330

Ryan Franklin                     1,832,138

Andrew Rose                     1,104,863

Hunter Cichy                      1,059,089

David Tuthill                          467,813

Once the event came down to the final two players, it would be Anthony Spinella and Hunter Cichy battling to see who the winner would be. Both wanted to be the first to earn the gold bracelet and become the first player to earn an online bracelet win. Spinella would hold the chip lead when he decided to go all-in from the button.

Cichy would call and both would show their cards. Spinella held J-7 with Cichy holding Q-4 suited. The flop fell 7-A-A which gave Spinella two pair and pushed him ahead of Cichy. A king on the turn was now what Cichy wanted to see and the 9 flipped on the river would be the final sign that Spinella would earn the first place win.

The tournament ending would signal Spinella earning the very first gold bracelet awarded within an online poker event. Speaking out on the win, Spinella stated:

Spinella's Quote

The pro is from Long Island and spends time in Mexico, where he plays poker as his career. With the win, Spinella earned his very first gold bracelet, a great one to earn as the very first one! The pro has earned over $4 million during online poker tournament play.

The online WSOP event was a great success and should be the starting point for the series to offer online poker events each and every year. It will be interesting to see how the WSOP evolves as online game play is integrated into the regular schedule.