How does the Nevada Fare After WSOP Ends?

The 2015 World Series of Poker has come to an end. Players have competed, bracelets have been one and money has been earned. Top pros as well as amateurs came out to the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada to take part in the always popular World Series of Poker. This year, players had the added bonus to be able to compete in mobile gaming at the WSOP website. With a mobile application, players could play at the felt or in-between poker tournaments.

This was the first time players had the option to enjoy mobile gaming as the 2014 WSOP took place before an application had been created. Because players who were in attendance of the WSOP could log online, it was expected that the series would help boost the online traffic numbers in Nevada in regards to online poker gaming. The numbers were up considerably and now that the WSOP is no longer in session, the traffic numbers have begun to drop in the state.

Figures from PokerScout and additional poker resources show that Nevada has seen a 21% decrease in poker liquidity since the July 7th annual peak. The Sunday Majors saw a good turnout though this past weekend, but numbers are still down a total of 14%.

In the seven day traffic averages, Nevada is seeing a decrease of 9% since the Main Event concluded just a few weeks ago. Last year, the totals were of a greater decrease with player counts down by 27%. The WSOP tries to convert locals to online game play during the WSOP live series but the numbers do not suggest that players are continuing to log online after the WSOP is over.

This year, the World Series of Poker also hosted an online event, with the very first ever WSOP bracelet awarded to an online player. A 25 Seat Scramble also took place. Both events were a success and saw good traffic numbers, helping to push the site up during that time frame. The Colossus also saw a spike in online game play during the same time as the event.

These events proved that while the long term goal of player numbers might not be met by new online events, the tournaments were appealing and had the ability to bring along larger numbers of traffic for online game play, even if for a limited time.

It would be likely that the WSOP would create even more online poker events for the 2016 World Series of Poker, though the schedule for next years’ series is far from being created. With the success of the online events, it would not be surprising to see officials providing additional events on top of the events held this year. By slowly integrating online events, players could have access to more online game play and get used to playing online at the WSOP, which could in turn, create more regular online players for Nevada.

Traffic numbers could settle out within the next few weeks with summer concluding and the school year plus normal work hours beginning yet again. The November Nine will begin in the few months which could peak interest online yet again. Only time will tell if the WSOP site in Nevada will see solid traffic numbers yet again or if the WSOP is the only time the site will push forward and have a nice flow of traffic enjoying the online poker game play.