Wenhao Ying Wins 2018 Borgata Fall Poker Open main event

Wenhao Ying posted the largest cash of his poker career last week when he was the last man standing in the 2018 Borgata Fall Poker Open main event.

The $2,700 No-Limit Hold’em tournament ended up with a 437-player field. That raised a prize pool just over $1 million at $1,092,500. For the win, Ying’s portion of the prize pool was $200,000. However, that was only because the final three players at the table made a deal to more evenly split the pot.

Despite the deal, Ying did earn the win as he was the chip leader through most of Day 3 of the tournament and from start to finish during the final day. He entered the final table of six players with the chip lead and quickly grew his stack by sending the first player to the rail. Brian Altman departed in sixth place after his pocket 10s were no match for Ying’s pocket jacks. For sixth place, Altman received $50,337.

Next out in fifth place was Mike Glick. He was also shown the door by Ying after going all-in with queen-six suited spades. Ying eliminated him with ace-10 after the board ended up 8d-5c-3d-Kc-5d. For fifth place, Glick received $60,404.

The last player to be knocked out before the deal was made was Dat Vu in fourth place. Vu was knocked out by Matthew Wantman. Vu got all his chips in with jack-10 suited hearts and looked to be in good shape against Wantman’s jack-seven suited spades with the board showing Js-7s-3c-5c. The five of spades hit on the river, completing Wantman’s flush and ending Vu’s tournament. For fourth place, Vu received $76,830.

Ying, Wantman and Volpe make a deal

The final three players at the table were Ying, Wantman and Paul Volpe. When the deal between the three players was struck, Ying had more chips than his two opponents combined. Wantman sat second in chips and was awarded $172,449 as part of the deal. Volpe, third in chips, pocketed $150,000.

The $200,000 Ying won for first place was by far the most he has ever won in a single tournament and pushed his lifetime live-poker earnings up to just over $355,000.