US Poker Players Anxiously Await Ultimate Poker Upgrade

As of now, the only real money online poker site available for players in the United States is Ultimate Poker. The site is only available in the state of Nevada and was the first to launch in the US. Other states such as New Jersey and Delaware are working on launching their sites, but for now, Ultimate Poker is the only option. The site was launched quickly so it would be the first option for players so the software used was very limited in its features. Rumors have spread that the site would be launching a new version of their software to enhance game play, but this has yet to happen.

Because the site launched so quickly, many features that players are used to with online poker were missing. Before online poker became null and void in the US, players had many options and were used to a certain quality of features and options during game play.  Because of this, players have begun to complain about Ultimate Poker.

The company has replied to these complaints, stating that new software will be released to solve any issues. This has caused players to be on the lookout for the new software launch. The second version of the Ultimate Poker software was expected to launch weeks ago and seems to continually be pushed back. The last date predicted was in July and now the end of August is near without seeing the release of new software.

Ultimate has yet to release an official statement on the subject but certain reports do suggest that there have been issues with the testing process of the new software. Regulators of the state must test the new software before it can be applied to the site. The testing process is kept quite secret and this may be why no news of the impending software has been released.