Unique Changes Coming to MPN

Microgaming Poker NetworkEvery online poker network must adhere to specific rules and regulations in regards to game play and offerings. However, many networks also have the ability to offer their own regulations and establish protocols they feel will be of benefit to players. At the Microgaming Poker Network, there are changes that are coming that are considered unique but also could change the way players are able to enjoy online poker.

Just a few days ago, the MPN Head of Poker, Alex Scott, put up a blog post to discuss initiatives of the network for both live and online game play. However it was the posting at the end of the blog that gained the most attention. At the very last portion of the post, Scott discussed how MPN will soon be launching alias changes.

With this change, players of the network will be able to create a new screen name. The update with these changes will be made available this July and will permit players to change their screen name, which is the name others see during game play. This option will be made available every 30 days or with every 1,000 real money poker hands. Players will be able to change their screen name for free the very first time, right when the change is in effect.

Scott explained that the decision was made to try and stop parasitic players from pursuing the weaker players. The network wants regular players to be able to play each every once in a while and do not want players to open a new account in a new poker room just because their alias is lucky. The feature will now be made prominent and the network is hoping the feature will be put to use.

This is the first time an online poker network has put in place such alias options. However, this is a strong step for the network in regards to the recreational player. There are certain networks and sites that will delegate certain tables for anonymous players which will remove the name from game play, but none offer a complete name change.

Bodog did have a similar change by making all players anonymous, and replacing the alias with a random number which will change at every gaming table. Many were skeptical of this move by Bodog but the site has been able to continue to succeed with game play.

With the changes at the Microgaming Poker Network, weaker players will be protected. When an alias is found that is a weaker player, by a player who is more skilled at the game, the player can then find the weak link and play them whenever they want. This is technically unfair as the player may not have any idea they are being taken advantage of. With the alias change, if a player wants to remain anonymous and change up their identity, they can.

A problem in the industry is seat scripting software which can be found in poker hand tracking software. This software will analyze gaming tables at an online poker site and then search for the weaker player. It will then automatically seat the user at the table with the weak player. With the alias change, players will be able to avoid being sought after by the dominating players. The MPN is also working to try and defeat a seating script with a ban but have yet to come up with a solution.

It will be interesting to see by July how the network will fair with the changes. Will players utilize the new feature or stay with the same player alias?