Trump Entertainment Expands US Online Poker Presence

Trump LogoOnline gambling continues to be on the rise in the United States, as both Nevada and New Jersey have made great leaps and bounds in getting online gaming in their respective states legalized.

As most of our readers already know, Nevada was the first state to launch legal online poker options with Ultimate Poker and later  Meanwhile, the state of New Jersey is poised and ready for their official foray into intrastate online gaming this November.

The news coming out of the state of New Jersey is that the gaming commission has already started processing online gaming licenses to Trump Entertainment, which is headed by real estate mogul Donald Trump.  This means both Atlantic City properties owned by Trump will now be able to offer online poker to its residents.

It also makes the Trump Taj Mahal and the Trump Plaza now the 3rd and 4th casino to be given a gaming license to operate in the state. Ultimate Gaming has partnered with the Trump Taj Mahal, so this gives a direct connection to the state of Nevada as Ultimate Gaming is the owner of Ultimate Poker.

Ultimate Poker is one of 2 legal US poker sites that is in operation right now. Ultimate Gaming is still waiting to receive their New Jersey license but once they do, we may quickly see interstate poker options between New Jersey and Nevada.

Betfair will be working with the Trump Plaza to provide online gambling options to residents and visitors to the state. Betfair already has a gaming license in the state via TVG division.

TVG is the operator of NJBets which is the provider of a deposit wagering platform for horse betting in the state. This license is not valid for casino and poker so Betfair is now waiting to be approved for their online gaming license. Despite not having a license for gaming, Betfair has already created a promotional campaign so players can sign up to receive updates on the site.

The first casino to receive a gaming license in the state of New Jersey was Borgata and soon after was the Golden Nugget. Casinos are beginning to receive licensing left and right but this does not mean that the operators will be ready to go live by the 26th launch date of November.

The state will be providing a five-day period for testing of all online gambling sites and players will be invited to test these sites to make sure they are ready to go live to the entire New Jersey market.