Trishelle Cannatella to Star in New Poker Reality Show

A new poker reality show is in the works with Trishelle Cannatella as one of the main stars. Cannatella began her television career as part of The Real World, years ago, and now is part of a new reality show, this time based on poker.  Josh Kimmel created the new reality show and it will star Amanda Kimmel, of Survivor as well as Cannatella.

The show, titled Living the Life, began as a movie, documentary style and then turned into more of a television series, as the camera follows both Cannatella and Kimmel on their travels to compete in poker tournaments. The pilot show is the only episode that exists as of right now, but more may be in the works. The pilot features Cannatella and Kimmel as they compete in the EPT Barcelona.

Running Hooks Pictures, Kimmel’s production company, which is based in Canada, has been filming the girls as they travel to compete. Amanda Kimmel spoke with PokerNews, who covered the story, about the new show, and commented: “Living the Life is about us playing poker, but it’s also about everything else that we do. Whatever city we go to, be it London or wherever we go to play an EPT, it’s also about the stuff that happens there, the reality of living the life of a female poker player in each of these places.”

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The premise of the show sounds very interesting. Fans of reality television should enjoy watching the girls travel the world and poker fans should enjoy seeing what the life of a poker player is like first hand. PokerNews interviewed Josh Kimmel about the series and asked where else filming will take place for future episodes. Kimmel stated that they have only shot one episode but they are hoping to shoot at least ten episodes each season. A tentative schedule for shooting is in the works and Kimmel mentioned that they would love to shoot EPT or LAPT events as PokerStars was very accommodating.