Top Poker Pros to Stream Game Play at

Twitch TVStreaming has become a common occurrence in the home from online gaming to your favorite television shows. Streaming is a unique way to watch entertainment online. There are thousands if not millions of options for streaming from movies to how-tos, etc. Streaming has even hit the poker world with top players and even amateurs spending time online filming game play. Pros are taking their game play to, creating channels so their fans as well as fellow pros can watch game play.

Several poker pros are already online via Twitch and now it has been announced that Daniel Negreanu and Griffin Benger are beginning to offer such streaming entertainment. Negreanu just got started on April 14th and announced his new streaming activity via Twitter, thanking Jason Staples for setting up his account and Jason Somerville for making the platform ‘cool’.

Negreanu has already gained over 4,000 subscribers for his Twitch account and will be streaming play money games from PokerStars. Negreanu will interact with viewers via the chatbox of the site. This is a unique way for players to enjoy game play by watching their favorite pros in action. Negreanu is a friendly pro who is regularly talkative so it is not surprising to see him become involved in the Twitch streaming service.

During his first attempt at streaming, Negreanu stated it was fun and plans on visiting Twitch again in the future to enjoy additional streaming sessions. PokerStars has taken advantage of Twitch as well by adding Staples as a Friend of PokerStars and by adding Somerville to their poker team. PokerStars understands the importance of following trends as well as using new technology to appeal to player’s sensibilities.

Also getting on the action is Griffin Benger. Griffin is looking to help players become better at the game and recently launched a Twitch account. Benger is known for his gaming at Counter Strike as well as playing video games on a professional level. Having earned millions in tournament and cash game play, Benger is one to watch when you want to learn the game of poker.

Benger entertains his followers with quality sessions of heavy action while describing his thought processes during his decisions made. Benger also speaks of his personal life allowing followers to learn more about the pro. While Negreanu was enjoying play gaming, Benger allowed his followers to watch him take part in a Super Tuesday as well as high stakes gaming with a seven minute delay. This is a unique inside look into the thought processes of a poker pro that is not often seen during game play. Though not fully live, players can play along and see if the pro will make the same decisions as they would.

Twitch has really taken off in the past few months. Players have begun signing up and creating their own accounts for streaming game play. Whether gaming is real money live gaming or play money, players can watch their favorite pros taking part in gaming. Most individuals are unable to watch their favorite pros unless they are featured on television during a live event and then if you are a true fan you most likely already know the results. With the Twitch service, you watch while game play is taking place which makes the service so unique.

It will be interesting to see how many pros sign up to a Twitch account and try to earn followers while playing online poker. As the technology continues to change, players are catching up and enjoying the unique option for poker game play. Over the next few months, we should see the industry blossom as players take advantage of the new streaming service.