Tony G Slams Ivey Poker in Recent PartyPoker Big Game Event

Tony G is a poker pro not known for keeping his mouth shut and he certainly proved this fact during the PartyPoker Big Game VII. This event is a cash game that takes place live over a twelve-hour period. The event is filmed and apparently PartyPoker wants pros that make for good television, which explains why Tony G was involved.

According to Warren Lush, the PR for PartyPoker, he pointed out:

“We have no shame here. You’re not going to see the Global Poker Index top ten players at these tables. We want players who are good for television.”

The event, which took place at the Casino Barcelona, was filmed and will air on television in the next few months. However, you can also visit for more information on future telecasts of the Big Game VII if you’re looking for more news on these events.

During the event, Toby Lewis, a newly signed Ivey Poker pro, did not straddle in to the game with €25/ €50 stakes, which would have raised the stakes and supposedly, Lewis had previously stated he would do so. This was of course not to Tony G’s liking whatsoever and he let his fellow pro have it.

The pro called out Lewis, asking him what he was doing and what was going on. Tony G stated the event was not for scammers and called Lewis a disgrace and stated he should take his chips and leave.

Lewis was shocked and embarrassed at Tony G’s outburst and he eventually told the pro that he can decide to do what he likes. Tony G had Lush come over and continued to berate the pro, calling him a disgrace once more and asked Lush where he gets these jerks and nits from.

Tony G then began bashing Lewis and his new partnership with Ivey Poker by stating:

“What is IveyPoker? Is it another scam? Ivey is a gambler; you can’t put that logo on. You are representing a brand that’s all about gambling and giving people a chance. He’s saving his €100 for the bus fare home.”

This is just a small taste of what went on during the tournament so it will definitely make for interesting television once the event airs this summer!