Third-Party Software Restrictions on the Mind of PokerStars

The usage of third-party software has been a hot topic of debate for the past month, especially on Internet poker forums. Apparently a player going by the online name skier_5 has created a piece of software that has remained secret that is considered quite controversial. Because of the software, online poker giant PokerStars is considering changing their policies when it comes to third party software.

It has not been made clear as to how the software works that was created by skier_5 as the software is private. The software is distributed to anyone that the player would like to use the software, for reportedly a percentage of their profit earned. Based on reports of the software, it is believed that a collection of pre-flop hand possibilities are collected for Heads Up SNGs as well as the correct plays associated with such hands.

The program may have the ability to go a step further with semi-automation in the decision making process for players by providing decisions plus the recommendations at hand. However, all of this is speculation as players can only guess as to how the software works. Evidence found by player’s shows that it seems the function of the software has provided at least two players massive fortunes at the PokerStars Heads Up Sit and Go players as well as showing statistics for decision making being very similar to each other.

PokerStars has been made aware of the controversy and while they did sign off for the software to be used, the company has now come forward and may be changing the rules. The outcome of the software may result in the site banning this type of software at PokerStars.

Steve Day, the Poker Room Manager of PokerStars, posted at Two Plus Two last week to speak on the subject. During his post, Day stated that the software that was reviewed allowed players to have quick and precise reference to several static charts that would cover most if not all of the preflop situations during game play. Despite being within the current rules of PokerStars, the software does go beyond the assistance level that PokerStars wants to see software providing to players.

Currently PokerStars only offers a special kind of tools and services at the site. Basic game state information can be reported as well as static reference material which is basic in nature. A profile of opponents can be made but only when the information is gathered during game play.

Software considered for the prohibited section would include a tool or reference material that would offer commentary or advice beyond the basic levels. This can include a stack-size-based starting hand tables, heads up displays that can change dramatically based on an action by a player or the value of the card. Decision trees are also prohibited.

Listing examples of permitted tools that would be banned if the change comes into effect, Day reported the following:

SessionLord’s Preflop Chart

Holy Grail of Poker

Poker Academy

HEM2’s LeakBuster


Odds Oracle



PT4’s Leak Tracker

As with any change that takes place at PokerStars, the online poker site is trying to get the opinion of players before making any changes. The online poker site likes to gain feedback from their members to make the right decision before a change is made. By gaining player feedback, PokerStars can continue to provide quality gaming that is enjoyed by players from around the world. Over the next few weeks, the online poker room should release more information on the subject, deciding if third party software will be allowed or banned at the site.