Terrence Chan Joins Ultimate Poker

Terrence Chan is a top poker pro that enjoys a little action now and then, and not the poker kind. Chan is a MMA fighter and is currently 1-0 in professional fights. So it only makes sense that Chan signs with Ultimate Poker, a partner of the UFC. Chan is now a member of the Ultimate Poker team and couldn’t be happier.

Chan has played poker professionally for many years and has quite an impressive record. According to PokerNews, the pro worked with PokerStars when they first began as a consultant. Chan has also won several top titles as well. Over the past few years, Chan became interested with MMA fighting. The poker pro began to train and has competed.

The Ultimate Poker group is owned by Fertitta Interactive and Chan will now be working with the poker group. Chan announced joining Ultimate Poker on March 14th when on his website. Chan started the blog post by stating that he had teased readers for some time that he had something in the works. Now he has officially announced he is part of the Ultimate Poker team.

Chan went on to comment about Ultimate Poker. Ultimate Poker is part of Ultimate Gaming which is a company who has received a license to operate online poker in the state of Nevada. Chan stated the choice was “fairly obvious that this is a pretty good place for an MMA-obsessed poker pro to land, from both my side and theirs.”

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Chan went on to state in his blog what he plans on doing in the future. Chan commented: “As for what you’ll be seeing from me: more of the same! Any time anyone ever sees me at a poker tournament, they want to know when I’ll be fighting again. Well, I’ve now relocated (yes, legally) to the biggest fight town in the world. So, let’s hope the answer to that question is, “soon!” And I’ll still be at the WSOP; look for me rocking the Ultimate Poker gear at the tables. I might not have month-long training vacations in Thailand or be able to fly down to Australia or Europe as much, but I’ll still be in the poker scene.”