Table Games Arrive at Maryland Casino

casinosGamblers in the state of Maryland are excited to now have more gambling opportunities now that new games have been added to the Hollywood Casino located in Perryville, Maryland. The casino now has live dealer games such as blackjack and poker for players to enjoy.

The casino asked for permission to launch the new games back in November 2012 and after voters approved the new plan to add the gambling games, the casino got started. The expansion began and now the casino offers poker, blackjack and other live table gaming options. The casino was also given the opportunity to remain open for a longer time frame. The casino can now remain open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So visitors now have more time to play the gambling games as well as more options to choose from!

The new table gaming options went live yesterday, making the Hollywood casino the first to open in the state and the first to offer live table gaming options. The casino now offers twenty table games which include twelve for craps, roulette and blackjack. The remaining tables are strictly for poker and are located in a secluded area.

With the new addition of live table gaming options, the casino now has been able to employ 100 people. Jennifer Miglionico, of Hollywood Casino, commented on the new gaming options by stating: “Adding table games back into the mix, now we’re getting a whole new group of clientele. They were driving past us to go to Delaware ‘cause they wanted table games so it can only get better from here.”

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The minimum number of bets available on the table gaming options will vary according to the daily demand of the game. It will be interesting to see how well the games do at the casino and if players respond to the new gaming options.