Steve O’Dwyer wins tiny tournament at Master Classics of Poker

We may have seen the last Super High Roller tournament at the Master Classics of Poker after a tiny tournament turnout over the weekend.

The poker series began at the Holland Casino Amsterdam late last week. The second tournament on the series schedule was a €25,500 Super High Roller tournament. It proved to be a quick one after only three players bought in. Yes, you read that right, three.

The only players to play in the Super High Roller at the Holland were Steve O’Dwyer, Stefan Wolzak and Patrik Antonius. O’Dwyer and Antonius were well-known among the high-stakes poker circuit, combining for more than $38 million in live-poker earnings. Wolzak was an unknown heading into the tournament with only $24,664 in tournament winnings. That was less than the tournament buy-in, which converted to almost $29,000 US.

Wolzak starts hot, but O’Dwyer has the last laugh

Wolzak got off to the hot start in the tournament, winning several early pots to take a big chip lead. At one point, he had more than half of the chips at the table.

The first player sent to the rail was Antonius. He had a big chunk of his stack taken by Wolzak after Wolzak bested him with two pair, aces and threes. O’Dwyer dealt him the final blow after getting Antonius all-in pre-flop. O’Dwyer was well ahead in the hand with pocket aces vs Antonius’ king-queen. After the board ran out 8-2-4-2-6, it was all over for Antonius.

When heads-up play began between O’Dwyer and Wolzak, they were nearly even in chips. Small amounts of chips were traded back and forth through the first few hands before O’Dwyer hit a monster that changed the game. Wolzak got a ton of chips into the middle with a flush, but they all ended up going to O’Dwyer, who tabled a full house.

On the final hand of the tournament, Wolzak raised 600 pre-flop and O’Dwyer made the call. The flop was 2-10-6 rainbow. O’Dwyer checked and Wolzak threw in 700. After a call from O’Dwyer, the turn card was the Kc. O’Dwyer checked again and Wolzak bet 2,800. O’Dwyer called again and the river was the Jc. O’Dwyer delivered another check and Wolzak bet 4,500. After thinking it over, O’Dwyer moved all-in. Wolzak gave it a lot of thought before calling. O’Dwyer had 5-2 suited clubs for the flush, which beat Wolzak’s pocket aces.

With only three players it was winner-take-all and O’Dwyer cashed €74,250 ($84,193 US) for the win.