Spin & Go One Year Anniversary Celebration at PokerStars

Spin and GoOne of the most popular forms of online gaming at poker rooms that offers a unique experience is the lottery sit & go tournaments. This option offered at PokerStars is titled Spin & Go and was just released in September of 2014. To celebrate a year in operation, PokerStars will be offering two new levels with buy-in, both providing a chance to earn a $1 million payday.

The concept of the Spin & Go is simple. The game takes place with three handed play and is a single table tournament in hyper-turbo mode. The game typically takes place in a winner-take-all format but the kicker is that players do not know how large the prize will be until the game begins.

After three players have registered to compete and take a seat, the prize spinner will appear. The spinner will go and then reveal the prize pool amount. In most cases, the prize pool will be twice the buy-in and will see the winner earning the entire prize. However, the prize can also be four times, ten times or as much as 12,000 times the buy-in. When one of the top three tiers of prizes is hit, the pool will be split among the three players, with the winner earning the highest amount.

Now, PokerStars will be offering two additional buy-in levels with a grand prize worth $1 million up for grabs for the winner. This will only be offered for a short time, so players should take advantage of this quickly.

With the Bronze buy-in of $0.50, players will have access to the following multipliers:

2,400,000 times resulting in $1 million first place prize

240 times

120 times

25 times

Ten times

Six times

Four times

Two times

On the Silver buy-in level, players will be able to buy-in for $5 and have the same prize pool multipliers but with better odds to earn the prize money. The same 2,400,000 times the buy-in multiplier will offer the $1 million prize.

The Spin & Go games also have a Gold buy-in level which is $100. This is a standard buy-in level at PokerStars and remains the same as usual. The prize probabilities are also standard at this buy-in level.

The special Spin & Gos have already been taking place for a few days now and will continue until the 1st of November. Alongside the special lottery style gaming options, PokerStars is also offering daily challenges. Take part in a daily challenge to have the opportunity to earn an entry into a special Spin & Go.

PokerStars will provide three daily challenges which will include:

Playing in three real-money Sit & Go or Spin & Go option

Play in one scheduled tournament

Play in thirty real money ring game hands

When a challenge is completed by a player, a Spin & Go ticket will be earned. This ticket can be used for the Bronze level the majority of the time. 95% of the tickets handed out are for the Bronze Level. 4.9% are provided for the Silver level and on the Gold level, only .1% of tickets are provided by PokerStars. This is a nice incentive and great way to spend time online when visiting PokerStars.

Players can visit PokerStars today to take part in the Spin & Gos or take on the daily challenges. Enjoy a mix of both to spend time online playing quick and fun real money poker games. Players have about 2 weeks to continue to take advantage of the lottery style gaming options at a very affordable rate.