Rake Structure to be Changed at Microgaming Poker Network

Alex ScottOn October 21st, the Microgaming Poker Network plans on changing the overall rake structure of poker gaming. The network will see changes to the micro stakes games, with players paying the lower overall rake at these tables. Head of Poker at the Microgaming Poker Network, Alex Scott, stated back in September that with the changes, players will be able to enjoy the cheapest micro-stakes games available online.

According to Scott, the restructuring of the rake is being done to complement the additional efforts that are already being made by Microgaming to fight seating scripts and data-mining. The Microgaming Poker Network seems to be trying to set up a different model for gaming to help improve the ecology of games for players who are recreational members.

Many top online poker rooms and networks are doing what they can to cater to recreational players. Long ago, poker rooms took time to cater to professional players to bring in the high rollers to take part in cash games. Now, poker rooms want to bring in recreational players, so that players have the opportunity to enjoy the game without hassle or issue.

Microgaming is in stiff competition with additional networks, including PokerStars. By offering this new gaming model, Microgaming should be able to capture a market share that would otherwise go to the top online poker room.

The new rake structure at Microgaming seems to be of the standard variety, offering 5% rake to be applied across the board in every gaming limit. The network has also provided a ‘cap’ on the amount of rake that is to be charged and this will be dependent on the number of players that are dealt in and the amount of stakes played.

The difference this time is the rake cap that is set. Most of the online poker networks will place a cap on the rake from 10 to 20 big blinds per pot at the micro-stakes tables. The cap at MPN is much lower when based on this standard. Games on the network that have 5 or more taking part at a table will have a cap at 3 big blinds. During heads up play, the cap will go down to one big blind. With the cap lowered, pots during game play will be in-between thresholds for the additional rake to be rounded down.

It was only months ago that the MPN made changes to policies that included table aliases. The new policy is to try and combat players who Scott has called ‘parasitic players’. These types of players will target players who are weakest and take as much money as they can in a short time period. These members will purchase data mined hands and use seating scripts to take out the weakest players easily.

This is targeting the players and by providing the ability to change a table alias, players can remain anonymous so that they are not targeted. Because a name can be changed, no pattern can be created during game play unless the name is kept for an extended period of time.

Even though the rake changes are coming in the next few days and the table alias options have only been offered for a short time, Scott states that the changes are working. Scott feels that the MPN is doing well even though only a few networks are able to continue to grow every year in player numbers as well as revenues.

It will be interesting to see how well the network will do during the months ahead as the rake changes come into effect. The network may have a winning formula to help the network grow, when considering the rake changes catering to recreational players.