Portugal joins shared liquidity pact

Europe’s shared poker liquidity pool is about to get bigger, as Portugal announced this week it will enter a shared liquidity agreement with Spain, France and Italy.

A deal between the four countries to share poker players was signed in July 2017, but the resolution to allow such a deal to go forward in Portugal only finally become official late last week. The Portuguese Gambling Regulatory Authority (SRIJ) approved the resolution allowing all regulations around shared player liquidity to immediately come into effect.

In an online statement, the SRIJ said: “Once in force all licensed online poker operators can also offer tables and tournaments involving players from the countries that signed the agreement for shared online poker liquidity (Portugal, Spain, France and Italy), as long as those operators comply with the requirements defined by each one of these countries.”

Despite the immediacy of the regulations, it is unknown when player sharing between Portugal and the other countries will begin. There are still a number of kinks to work out, including online compatibility problems between countries and platforms, and other technical specifications that could cause problems with immediate shared player liquidity.

France and Spain share players

Although all four countries signed the pact for shared player liquidity in 2017, only France and Spain have so far begun the practice itself. Last month PokerStars became the first poker room to take advantage of the agreement by launching player sharing between players from France and Spain.

PokerStars has stated it will not immediately introduce shared player pools in Portugal and it has not announced any plans for future shared player pools in Italy, which has been relatively silent on the issue since the signing of the initial agreement.