PokerStars Spin & Go Pays Out Handsomely to 3 players within weeks

PokerStarsPokerStars is a top provider of online poker gaming, with tournament options, cash games and even playing host to live events. PokerStars offers gaming opportunities for players across the globe and is currently trying to enter into the United States to become licensed for gaming within the states. A gaming promotion the site has provided since December has gained in popularity over the past few weeks as three players are now instant millionaires thanks to the massive prizes provided by PokerStars.

The $5 Spin & Go promotion provides players with $1 million jackpots with the first player earning a prize from Russia, followed by a Czech Republic player and a Canadian poker fan. A total of $3 million in first place prizes were passed out by PokerStars within a two week time frame and an additional $600,000 were paid out to the lowers of the Spin & Go option.

The gaming option first was offered by PokerStars this past December and a jackpot was never hit until January of 2015. The first win took place on January 12th when online poker player sss66666 of Russia was holding A-8 when he defeated fellow player Nonko999 who held pocket 7s. He then earned the hand again against player geldduvel and earned the major jackpot win.

Then, this past weekend, online player Tornado111 was only when he won a three player hyper-turbo game and ended up at the $1 million table to hit A-10 suited and then 6-5 to beat the higher hand to earn the huge jackpot prize. Online players RusGreen and newann were able to earn $100,000 prizes by being involved in the million contest.

The next $1 million win would take place just one day later with online player anushan_2323 earning a $1 million jackpot after defeating jukebox72 and Big Slick in the contest. A-10 and A-K would hold up to give the Canadian the big win.

The Spin & Go Tournament is a unique option at PokerStars. To take part, you must log on and pay the $5 buy-in at PokerStars to compete in the $1 Million Spin & Go event. Once 3 players register, you will be taken by random draw to see how large the prize pool will be. The spinner located at the middle of the table will determine how much you and your fellow players will be able to earn.

When you take part in this type of tournament, you will be given just 500 starting chips. The action is always fast-paced and you could be an instant millionaire in just minutes. Based on the spin upon beginning the tournament, you have the option of seeing the prize pool multiplied by the following numbers:


It is the 240,000 multiplier that will give you and fellow competitors the opportunity to take part in a $1 million competition. Most people who are taking part in a tournament with a million dollar prize pool, never see the final table, much less earn a six figure or larger prize. With this special tournament option, you can play for more money than you have ever seen in your life or will ever see again!

PokerStars has congratulated the three players of their win and continues to offer the special Spin & Go gaming for the time being. Players can visit PokerStars to take part in varying buy-ins so you can compete for as little or as much as you like. It will be interesting to see how long until the next big jackpot is earned and who is able to earn the massive prize!