PokerStars Launches New Online Tournament Format

PokerStars is constantly offering more for players to enjoy. The online poker room remains at the number one spot for a reason, providing players with quality content including cash gaming, tournament action, promotions and more. Just recently, it was announced that PokerStars would be offering a new online tournament format titled Beat the Clock. The new tournament option is a timed one that can be played via desktop or mobile application.

Beat the Clock

The new Beat the Clock tournament option is a timed one that PokerStars decided to launch with the help of Cristiano Ronaldo a top football star. The tournaments can be played in five minute time frames in four handed Zoom play. With the new tournament option, players will be able to take part in rapid-fire poker gaming and earn nice payouts for a job well-done. To be able to win prize money during the tournament, players have to avoid being eliminated before the time runs out. The prize pool is then split between those who remain based on their chip stack size.

The new game is great for players who want to enjoy a poker gaming session but like it to be much shorter than a normal game. Everyone knows a tournament can go on for some time and many players do not have hours to devote to an event. The Beat the Clocks lets players enjoy short tournaments and still have the opportunity to win prizes, cutting down on time needed at the felt.

PokerStars also pointed out that the new tournament option is a nice option for beginners who may have little to no experience in playing tournaments. Beginners can start out with the short format to get a feel for how tournaments take place but without committing to a longer time frame of competition. Once players get the hang of the tournaments and how they work, continue on enjoying the short versions or play in something a little more substantial, feeling more comfortable as you do so.

Mobile and Desktop Gaming

Customers can enjoy the new Beat the Clock tournaments on mobile devices as well as a desktop computer. Cristiano Ronaldo is a member of Team SportsStar at PokerStars who is on hand to promote the new poker gaming product. An advertising campaign has been created for the new tournament option which will feature Ronaldo. The commercials will be used to stimulate traffic to the new tournament option.

Ronaldo has stated that the new tournament format is one that requires a player to think and act quickly and still remain skillful. Playing the game actually reminds the football star of the excitement he enjoys when on the pitch.

Severin Rasset is the Director of Poker Innovation and Operations for PokerStars who stated that the latest product was launched as part of the strategy to continue to upgrade and innovate their offerings. Rasset further stated that the new Beat the Clock tournaments are suitable for mobile players who want to enjoy an experience that is thrilling in just a five minute time frame.

It will be interesting to see in the coming weeks and months as to how the new tournament format integrates into the scheme of poker gaming at the site. PokerStars should see players taking advantage of this new option as it provides quick game play and nice payouts. It may be that the format turns PokerStars on to new gaming options so that players have even more to enjoy when logging online. Check out the new tournament format today by visiting PokerStars and logging on to your account.