PokerStars Alters Bounty Tournaments with new Knockout Poker Format

Top online poker rooms offer a variety of gaming options to keep players interested. With varying formats, buy-in levels, incentives and game variants, players always have something new to enjoy. PokerStars is one such brand that continually makes changes and provides new gaming options to keep players happy and content. From regular tournaments to special events, players can always find something interesting to enjoy at the online poker gaming site.

Just recently, PokerStars announced changes to the bounty poker offerings of the site that is sure to please players looking for excitement. The standard bounty tournament option has been altered to make way for the Knockout Poker gaming, a new format at the site. The new option can be found in MTTs and Sit & Gos, and will split the bounty money by giving half to the player able to knock out the opponent and then the other half goes toward the bounty of that player who knocked out the competition.

The concept is quite interesting and could add up to serious cash for some players. Experienced players who continually knock out opponents during game play would have a serious bounty on their head over time. As the tournament moves forward, the players who remain would have large bounties making them targets as well as options for others to earn a nice payday.

Along with the new Knockout Poker gaming format, PokerStars will also be providing a new challenge option. From now until the 12th of May, players can take part in Knockout Poker Challenges. Players will share bonus cash as they compete in daily as well as weekly challenges that take place at the Sit & Go tables.

With the daily challenge, players will have to knock out four different players in Sit & Go KO tournaments. Buy-in levels that qualify are $1 and up. When you are successful, a ticket to the $10,000 All-in Shootout tournament is awarded. The weekly challenge will consist of players having to knockout 12 players in the Sit & Go KO Tournaments. Completing this challenge will provide the player with a ticket to the $50,000 Added MTT, which will run once in April and twice in May.

Before adding the new Knockout gaming option, PokerStars asked for advice from players. PokerStars is known for speaking to players to get a feel for what they would like to see made available. Being so open with members is what has made PokerStars so popular among gamers.

For this new activity, PokerStars hosted a survey to try and determine what pro players their regular players would like to knockout of a tournament. Topping the list was Daniel Negreanu, with as many as 34% wanting to take the pro out. Phil Hellmuth came in next in line with 25% of the vote and Phil Ivey coming in third with 13% of the vote.

Players who visit PokerStars today will find that the new Knockout Poker gaming can be found in 36 player hyper turbo sit and gos with $1 and $5 buy-ins. 24 player hyper-turbos with $10 buy-in can also be found. With smaller player numbers, the 6 player option can be played for $1.50, $3.50 and $7, along with MTT options.

PokerStars reserves the right to make changes based on player demand. It will be interesting to see if this new format will be popular among players. With the option to earn even more cash for knocking players out of the competition, it should easily become a top gaming option for members of the site. Player feedback will certainly be considered and reported on by PokerStars as the gaming option progresses.