Poker Player goes to Odd Lengths to Compete in WSOP

The World Series of Poker is in full swing and players have arrived from across the globe to compete in various events. Each event is different and has a different buy-in from the 100s of dollars to the thousands. Players have to come up with the cash to be able to meet the buy-in and players can get quite creative when it comes to earning enough money to pay the buy-in. One player recently took out a unique Craigslist ad to be able to compete in the WSOP this summer.

The player is Geno Foschi who is fifty four years old. Foschi wants to offer a portion of his wine collection for sale, to try and compete in a few WSOP events. CardPlayer covered the story and Foschi stated: “I have an extensive wine collection, so I thought why not just try to dump some of those. People need to celebrate when they win…so it won’t cost me money out of pocket to play some of these events.”

The player has a large collection of wine, in the 600 bottle range and would like to unload a small percentage, at a low price, to be able to make enough money to compete in the World Series of Poker. The player is a business owner of Guice Energy and would use the money to better his business. The small business owner is currently striving to grow his energy gum business and would like to push his business nationwide but does not have enough money to do so.

The man’s wife has been telling him to go to the WSOP and compete so he is trying his best to come up with the funds to do so. Foschi stated: “She wants me to go out there and do more especially since the downturn in business for literarily the last two years. So, she’s probably sick of me being around the house and pounding my head trying to figure out some way to do something. It’s a stressful situation and poker actually alleviates that.”

The player could not naturally afford to compete but would like to use his collection to pay his way. It will be interesting to see if his craigslist ad works and he makes his way to the WSOP.