Piotr Nurzynski wins EPT Barcelona main event

The European Poker Tour Barcelona main event concluded over the weekend, with relative unknown Piotr Nurzynski coming out of nowhere to claim his first major poker tournament victory.

The Polish native outlasted a massive 1,931-player field to win the €5,300 No-Limit Hold’em tournament. The large field produced a €9.3-million prize pool. For the win, Nurzynski’s portion was just over €1 million, but it could have been more if not for a deal arranged by the final four players at the table.

The original payout for first place in the tournament was €1.6 million, while second would receive €859,000. A deal struck at the final table changed that to €1,037109 for first place and €1,023,701 for second place. The winner also received the championship trophy, and the platinum pass, which earned the holder a free spot in the EPT championship at the end of the EPT season.

Nurzynski vs Wang heads-up

When only two players remained, it came down to Nurzynski and Haoxiang Wang heads-up for the tournament title. When heads-up play began, Wang was well out in front with 45.2 million chips to Nurzynski’s 12.5 million.

Nurzynski made a key double-up early on when his pocket kings topped Wang’s J-9 to make a major dent in the chip lead. From there the chip lead changed hands a number of times before they all finally made their way to Nurzynski.

On the final hand of the tournament with blinds at 200,000/400,000, Nurzynski limped from the button and Wang made the call. The flop showed 6d-Kh-Ad. Wang bet out 500,000 and Nurzynski called. The turn showed the 7c. Wang checked, Nurzynski bet two million and Wang made a quick call. The river was the 4d. Wang checked again and Nurzynski pushed all-in. After thinking it over for a long time, Wang made the call. He showed Ks-2d for a pair of kings. It wasn’t good enough as Nurzynski had Ac-9c for a pair of aces.

The €1,037,109 Nurzynski collected was roughly $1.2 million US. Before entering the EPT Barcelona main event, Nrzynski’s lifetime live-poker earnings were only $11,000.