Phil Ivey’s New Poker Training Site About To Launch

Phil IveyPhil Ivey isn’t just the world’s best online and live poker player he is also a businessman. In February of 2013, Ivey bought the LeggoPoker training site and then announced that it would be turned into his self titled Ivey League poker training site.

According to Ivey League is ready to officially launch at the end of January. Phil Ivey has said that his aim was to “teach the world how to play better poker”, and if anyone was going to attempt such a remarkable feat it would no doubt be Ivey who even according to other top pros is on a completely different level than most poker players.

After buying LeggoPoker, Ivey was quick to launch a Facebook free to play poker app that provides access to a number of free training videos from Team Ivey pros, plus the ability to play free to play games against the pros, so you can play and learn at the same time. This social app from Ivey Poker will work side-by-side with the training site, and it clearly shows that Ivey, who is new to the business world, is well up to date with the latest and most effective online marketing techniques, with Facebook a social networking site that has exploded in popularity since its introduction in 2004.

And no stone has been left unturned with some of the most renowned and skilled players in the poker world that comprises a roster of 32 players, including the man himself Phil Ivey, 2013 WSOP ME Champion Greg Merson, Jennifer Harman, Patrik Antonius, Dan Shak, and Dan Smith, all brought on to represent Ivey Poker. Given Phil Ivey’s one of the biggest names in the business, it wasn’t difficult for him to attract such a lineup of top pros to the team.

A lot of hype has been generated for Ivey’s new poker training site largely due to Ivey Poker being one of the main sponsors of the 2013 World Series of Poker broadcast on ESPN. A lot of pros could be seen wearing the Ivey Poker patch, which naturally got many people curious about what Ivey Poker and Ivey League are all about.

In an attempt to create additional buzz for the about to launch Ivey League poker training site, Ivey Poker was also the featured sponsor for the highly popular boxing program ‘ShoBox: The New Generation’. This event was aired on Showtime on January 17, featuring a lightweight championship battle between Ivan Redkach and Tony Luis.

Clete McQuinn, COO of Ivey Poker, had this to say about the event. “Phil is a big fan of boxing, but more importantly he is a fan of hard work, commitment, and dedication. That’s exactly what is needed when you step in the ring.”

Following the 2014 PCA in the Bahamas some of the Team Ivey Poker pros flew to picturesque Cabo in Mexico to record videos for the new training site that will be available for consumption the day the training site opens it doors to users. A few of the lucky team members that have been in Cabo over the last few days include Phil Ivey, Griffin Benger, Josh Brikis, and Mike Leah. All of them have been active on social media posting pics while filming in Mexico.

Given that it’s been close to 12 months since Ivey obtained LeggoPoker to build his very own online poker training site for players of all skill levels, one would expect an impressive amount of high quality content come the launch date. Of course, with Phil Ivey being the face of such a site, anything less wouldn’t be enough for those who sign up to the training site.