Phil Ivey Digging a Major Hole at FTP

Phil Ivey is a name that is synonymous with the game of poker. The poker pro is one of the best in the business and has seen a more than fair share of success on the felt but as of the past few months, the pro has been digging a hole that is becoming more and more difficult to get out of. Ivey began playing at Full Tilt Poker when it opened up in November of 2012 and in that few months time; the pro has managed to lose over $1.3 million.

This is an amazing amount of cash, especially if you consider it took only around four months to lose it! The pro previously played at Full Tilt Poker under his own name but once April 2011 rolled around and the site was shut down, Ivey was unable to compete at the site under this screen name. When FTP relaunched in November 2012, the pro began playing under the name “Polarizing” but the name does not seem to have the power that ‘Phil Ivey’ once had.

For the 2012 year, Ivey lost just over $252,000 and continued to see a downswing at FTP this year with over $1 million lost since 2013 began. This is over $1.3 million that Ivey has lost at the FTP card tables since the site relaunched. Ivey isn’t necessarily hurting for money but the pro is certainly wishing the cards were more in his favor. It will be interesting to see if Ivey will be able to turn around his losing streak or if he will to continue to spiral further down in losses.

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In the meantime, the pro takes breaks from online game play to continue to build his new online poker site IveyPoker. The new site will be a training option for players who want to learn more about the game of poker from top pros in the game. Players will also be able to play against pros and each other once the site goes live.