Phil Hellmuth Enters WPT Venice in Style

The World Poker Tour Venice Grand Prix kicked off this week and several top poker pros registered to compete in the event. Among the talented field of competitors was of course, Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth has reputation as being loud and obnoxious and many times will arrive to a big tournament in unusual ways. Hellmuth usually does a unique entrance to the WSOP but this time, he decided to share himself with the WPT.

Hellmuth took to a gondola of Venice and was dressed in a long black robe and mask, similar to the Carnevale di Venezia ensemble. He arrived by gondola at the back of the casino and then walked down a walkway all the way to the poker room. During his walk, Hellmuth was surrounded by the World Poker Tour Royal Flush girls.

Hellmuth then walked into the poker room, fan fare and all. He took his seat and then got ready to begin the tournament. As he sat down, a beautiful waitress handed him a flute of champagne and then game play begin. Despite his grandiose entrance into the tournament, Hellmuth was unable to have the same outcome in the tournament.

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Once the blinds reached 300/600/75, Hellmuth moved in with 1,700 and was called by Cristaudo, and Cimaglia was still in the hand. The flop showed 8-6-2 and Hellmuth came out with 4,000 after Cimaglia checked. Cimaglia would be the only player to call and a 7 on the turn had Cimaglia checking again and Hellmuth was in for 8,000. Cimaglia then checked raised, calling Hellmuth all in. the Queen on the river was not enough for Hellmuth who held 8-5 suited and Cimaglia won the hand with J-8 and Hellmuth was busted. But at least he still had his gondola waiting for him as a getaway!