Pennsylvania Seeking Online Poker Legislation

The state of Pennsylvania is already a top provider of gambling opportunities. The state has several successful casinos and has several years of experience in the industry. Despite their strong brick-and-mortar casino presence in the US, the state is lacking in the online poker department; but maybe not for long.

It was recently announced that a new proposal has been introduced in the state which would legalize online gambling options, including poker. Tina M. Davis, a Pennsylvania State Representative, is the major sponsor of the bill and hopes that the state can get the regulation process moving and create the regulatory framework needed for successfully licensing and operation of online gambling options.

The bill should be released in its entirety soon at the state’s site but for now, all we have to go on is from Gambling Compliance and PokerFuse. The Gambling Compliance site has listed a report on the subject and PokerFuse was the first to pick it up.

The report reads that many changes have been made by Davis to the proposed legislation. The licensing fee has been reduced majorly from $16.7 million fee to $5 million for an application fee while the tax rate has also decreased to 28% from 45% of the gross gaming revenues.

Davis believes that if the bill were to pass, the state would have the ability to create tens of thousands of new jobs as well as earn over $7 billion in tax revenues. The state would control the money and earnings from the option would go toward the State Lottery Fund as well as the Property Tax Relief Fund.

It will be interesting to see if this legislation moves forward in the state. With neighboring states such as Delaware and New Jersey already working to complete the online gambling process, Pennsylvania is already very far behind. However, if they’re able to get things moving along, they stand to have some of the best online poker sites looking to get their licenses within the state.