Pennsylvania Casino Partners with

Norbert Teufelberger, CEO of Bwin PartyThe state of Pennsylvania seems to the next state that will be entering into the United States online gambling industry, joining New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada in online poker and casino gaming. The state has already introduced two bills on the subject and it was recently reported that has partnered with a casino located in Pennsylvania.

In a report to eGaming Review, Norbert Teufelberger, the CEO of, stated that a partnership agreement had been made between a casino in the state of Pennsylvania and the online poker provider. No name was released, but obviously the casino is preparing for the online poker gaming launch. Rumors have begun circulating as to who may have partnered with the Bwin, with one casino obviously ruled out, the Bethlehem Sands property of Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson has yet to embrace the online poker industry in the US, so we can be certain that this is not the partner. Since the Sands is not the partner, this still leaves a few properties to consider as a partner for the online gaming giant. This includes the Rivers Casino, Harrah’s, Penn National, Sugarhouse, Parx and the Mohegan Sun.

According to Teufelberger’s interview, wants to be the first in the market of Pennsylvania as they were in New Jersey. wants to be a big player in the US gaming industry, as they already have deals in many states, including California, awaiting the state to enter the industry. The operators have now turned to Pennsylvania as California is taking some time to hammer out the details of legislation, with operators and invested parties unable to come to an agreement as to who should be involved in the industry.

For now, the state of Pennsylvania has two bills on the books, awaiting consideration. A public hearing has been planned for April 16th and the bills will most likely be discussed at this time. Each proposal requires operators to become aligned with a land based casino or racetrack property to be able to offer licensed and legalized online poker gaming.

Hearings have already taken place to discuss whether the state could benefit from online poker or casino gaming. Most officials have shown that the activity is already taking place within the state and while players are taking part in an unregulated industry, there are safety concerns as well as tax revenues wasting away.

The state is already struggling with their current casino industry, as the revenues continue on a downward spiral. The casinos in states around Pennsylvania are taking away revenues that the states desperately needs. These revenues must be made up in some form or fashion and some legislators believe this could be with online poker and casino gaming.

A study released last year within the state revealed that revenues for online poker and casino gaming could reach $300 million each year. These figures are hard to ignore but should be considered greatly as other states who are currently involved in the online poker and casino industry of the US, had large figures that they have yet to be able to reach. The state needs to seriously consider the amount of money to be made but be cautious as the higher numbers may be hard to reach.

It is interesting to note that with mentioning the new partnership in Pennsylvania, the state may be nearer to legislation passing then we think. Over the coming weeks, we should see more information released which will better be able to determine if the state will be the next to join the online poker industry within the United States.