Patrick Serda wins WPT Montreal Main Event

Patrick Serda won his first World Poker Tour title in his home and native land this week, as he captured the main event at WPT Montreal.

The $5,300 Cdn main event, played at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Quebec, ended up with a 792-player field and a $5-million prize pool. For the win, Serda, a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, cashed $855,000 Cdn ($652,801 US).

The cash was the second-largest of Serda’s career, trailing only the $750,216 US he won for finishing runner-up in a European Poker Tour tournament in Prague last year. His lifetime live-poker earnings now stand at just over $1.7 million US.

Serda entered the final table with the chip lead with 8.26 million chips. That put him just ahead of his nearest opponent, Ema Zajmovic, who had 7.45 million. Zajmovic, the first woman to win a WPT main event title last year, was part of a tough final table that also included two-time WSOP bracelet winner Upeshka De Silva. Also at the final table were Canadians Jiang Gong, Kauvsegan Ehamparam and Sorel Mizzi.

The first to hit the rail was Gong after his pocket aces were topped by a nut flush. De Silva followed him in fourth and Ehamparam bowed out in third place.

When play reached three-handed, Mizzi was the next to depart. He got all of his chips in the middle with pocket sixes but was well behind against Serda’s pocket nines.

Serda vs Zajmovic heads-up

It came down to Serda and Zajmovic heads-up for the tournament title. When heads-up play began, Serda had a slim chip lead with 16.15 million chips to Zajmovic’s 15.675 million. It only took 11 hands for Serda to take them all.

On the final hand with blinds at 100,000/200,000, Zajmovic raised 500,000 from the button and Serda raised to 1.6 million. After giving it some thought, Zajmovic re-raised to 3.8 million. Serda made the call and the flop showed 7s-6s-10s. Both players checked to the turn, the Ac. Serda checked again and Zajmovic bet 3 million. Serda called and the river was the 3h. After another check from Serda, Zajmovic pushed all-in. After using two time extensions to think it over, Serda made the call. Zajmovic showed Kd-9s for king-high after missing her flush draw. Serda had 7d-5d for a winning pair of sevens.

For second place, Zajmovic received $556,000 Cdn ($424,511 US).